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Weekly Motivation With She Academy

Written by Katie Leavy

How to Stay Motivated and How our Goals go Through Changes - Featuring Some of our Team


Take a look at how Some of our team here at She Academy works to stay motivated & How Our goals have changed over time!


Ms. Quay (Executive Director)- "Old passions: Ensure I maintain a healthy balance in all areas of my life and promote balance to those around me.

This week's passions: This week my main focus was consistency. New projects end up on my desk daily, so consistency was important to me because it allows me to focus on the overall goal, completing my tasks. The difference between my previous goals and now is that I've allowed the hard work of maintaining a healthy balance in my life to be more than a task. Maintaining a healthy balance is truly a lifestyle for me. I don't always get it right. There are definitely moments when I'm overwhelmed. Consistency builds muscle memory in all that we do! If you are consistent in your schedules and allotting time to certain tasks, you'll eventually adapt a good sense of time management. The same goes for self-care, if you are consistent in your self-care routine, your mind identifies it as a true need, and you will notice a change in your mood when you take a few days off. Focusing on consistency this week helped me manage my time and made it easier for me to say no to distractions. Feed your focus, starve your failure!"

Katie (Copywriting Intern)- "My previous passions and goals have been putting in my full potential each day in all aspects of life and by creating a positive lifestyle that supports growth and learning. My goals and passion have stayed the same throughout each week but have grown recently to include more self-care. This week I have a goal of making sure that I am doing more of what makes me happy while still staying passionate and motivated. Without proper self-care and devoting time to myself, I feel that my goals do not get accomplished at that capacity they could reach. I am also trying to implement waking up earlier and starting my day with affirmations and by making a list of goals to keep myself motivated! Reminding myself to breathe and check in on me will set me up to succeed and accomplish each goal, so I have focused on implementing more self-care this week, while also accomplishing my tasks and goals!"

Hazel (Social Media Intern)- "I have stayed motivated each week by maintaining a positive mindset and practicing gratitude every day. When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I make sure to put the time in to take care of myself, whether that be doing a facial and listening to music or relaxing with people who make me happy. This week my goals are to have a good work-life balance and get some physical exercise every day. Feeling under the weather last week taught me that when you don’t take a break, your body will force you to. So I’m trying to get better at listening to my body and I’m looking forward to getting back into a balanced routine!"


(Team Leader Intern) - One of my main goals is to always set expectations for myself rather than following what others want me to do in life. I think it’s important to have confidence in yourself to take the path that speaks to your soul even if that means doing something that, at the time, others think you can’t accomplish. You can truly surprise yourself with what you can do when you decide to no longer listen to the naysayers. For this week my goals still have the same undercurrent of doing what feels right to me, but I really want to focus on gratitude as a way to keep me motivated. Sometimes in college (and life) all the requirements of so many responsibilities can be overwhelming, and make tasks feel less enjoyable. I’ve found that when I put a little more effort into being grateful for what I do love and focus on the positive aspects it helps me to stay motivated and in a better mindset to do what I need to!



Take time for yourself tips:


We work best when our mind is at ease so try and make time for your mind to stay inspired and motivated!

  • 1. Set Manageable Expectations for Yourself: Remember to set goals and tasks for the day or week that are possible for you. Sit down and set those attainable goals for yourself at the start of the week! Think of this as a plan of action to staying motivated towards your goals.

  • 2. Talk About Your Goals: Try to talk about your goals with a friend or family member who will listen and help in your motivation process. Positive people who can help you stay motivated are essential to staying on top of your goals.

  • 3. Reminder to Breathe: Allow yourself a break and don't beat yourself down! Be kind to yourself and praise your accomplishments often. This will keep your motivation flowing and bring positivity into your day-to-day life.

  • 4. Set a Positive Routine: Implementing a positive routine into your daily life can make a world of difference in achieving your goals and staying motivated. Try to set some sort of stable routine (one that included SELF-CARE as well!!), whether it includes writing your goals each Monday and checking them off or doing this daily!

Check out more motivation tips here and get excited about putting yourself first while achieving your goals!



Find Motivation in Your Daily Routine

Motivation can look different for everyone, so whether that's motivating yourself to get up earlier, set goals, or even just getting up and conquering your day, take it one step at a time! It's always important to put YOU first, while still checking off your daily tasks and achieving your goals. Without proper self-care and taking time to relax, your goals and motivation can slip away. Let yourself enjoy life while creating a positive and goal-oriented version of yourself!

You are your biggest cheerleader, but remember that surrounding yourself with supportive people can make you that much more motivated to achieve your goals!

As the weeks change and our to-do lists change so do our goals and motivations. Change in goals is a good thing because this means you are accomplishing them as you go! So get out there and go get your goals no matter what they may be!

“Set realistic goals, keep re-evaluating, and be consistent."

–Venus Williams



Catch ya next week!

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