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Journey to Self-Love

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

It's always a great time to focus a little extra energy on self-love. Sometimes we need to step back and make sure we are showing love to ourselves! Here are some simple self-love tips to get you started.


Let's Talk Self-Love Related Activities


A great way to begin a journey to self-love is by implementing some activities that incorporate and promote that self-love every day!

  • Positive Notes on Your Mirror- This is one of my personal favorite ways to make myself feel a little extra love. Grab some sticky notes and write down some qualities that you truly enjoy about yourself. This will remind you each day how amazing you are!

  • Writing/ Speaking Self Affirmations- These are positive statements about yourself that you can repeat daily in the mirror or write out in your notebook each day. For example, start your day with an affirmation of worthiness by saying "I am worth," this way you will remember all of the unique and qualities that make up who you are.

  • Do Something You Love- Implementing one activity that genuinely makes you happy into your day can truly show yourself how much you care. This can be as simple as taking a walk or a hot bath, reading a book, or anything that is sure to make you smile. Doing a nice deed for yourself is the perfect start to your journey.

  • Play Self-love Bingo- Below is an exciting way to show love to yourself by playing a game!

Why is Self-Love Important?


Self-love can be the driving force for the rest of the aspects of your life. Showing yourself true love and kindness is just as important as being kind to others. Self-love will help you thrive in the other aspects of your life!

Here is some advice on the importance of self-love from words from licensed self-love coaches and psychiatrists.!

"Before you can receive love and respect from others, you needto love and respect yourself." -Dr. Diane Patrella
"Everyone needs self-love. While it’s great to be on the receiving end of love from others, it’s also important to practice self-love daily." -Dr. Kerri-Anne Brown
"Without self-love, you drastically decrease your ability to be successful at anything. Failed businesses, relationships, ideas, all stem from a lack of self-love." -Tamica Sears (Certified Executive Coach)

More Self Love Tips

  • Invest in a Self-Love Book- If you enjoy reading, a self-love guide book such as this one could be the perfect start to being kind to yourself!

  • Do NOT Compare Yourself- While celebrating others' greatness is important, it is self-deprecating to compare yourself to others because everyone is different everyone has different wonderful qualities that are unique to them!

  • Practice Self-Care- Self-care and self-love go hand in hand in building a better relationship with yourself. When you practice positive self-care, such as taking time for yourself and doing things you love, you will begin a journey to self-love.

  • Set Realistic Boundaries- Remember that it is okay to say no sometimes. Saying no does not mean you failed, but better, it can be important in putting yourself first. When you put yourself first, you are one step closer to loving yourself fully!



Catch Ya Next Week,

She Academy Fam!

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