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Thanksgiving Vibes!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Thanksgiving is in the air and it's all around us! Let's dive into delicious recipes, take a look at some dinner outfit inspiration, and talk about that stress that may come with the Holiday. She Academy is here to get you excited and prepped for the ultimate Thanksgiving celebration!


Unique Recipes


Thanksgiving may have looked a little different last year, but as things reach "normal," many celebrations may be in full swing again! There are so many amazing classic thanksgiving recipes, but here are some fun ways to spice it up at the dinner table this year!

  • Mac and Cheese Bites: A twist on a classic side dish! Make your mac and cheese stand out this year by making crispy and delicious mac and cheese bites that will excite any cheese-loving guests. Find full details here!

  • Fresh Autumn Salad: Add some flair to your veggie sides this year with a fresh, citrus, fall-inspired salad! This is the perfect vegetable side to mix it up from the classics this year! This dish is light, tasty, and simple. Find details here!

  • Pumpkin Shaped Dinner Rolls: Children and adults are sure to love this festive take on classic dinner rolls. Who doesn't love a soft buttery roll with their Thanksgiving dinner? These rolls are a fun pumpkin shape which is sure to bring on all the fall vibes to the dinner table. Full details here!

  • Vegetarian Shepard's Pie: This is a wonderful option for any vegetarians out there who are sick of sticking to the sides or for anyone who loves a good shepherd's pie! It's a pie of mashed potatoes, veggies, cheese, and more and it's delicious! Find full details here!

  • Baked Brie and Cranberry Bites: Try a new take on desserts with these tart pastries! If you like cheese danishes and cranberry, this is a perfect dessert for you. This will have your taste-buds dancing and your guests impressed! Full recipe details here!


Thanksgiving Outfit Inspo


Whether you're having a small Thanksgiving with close family or attending a dinner with friends and family galore, looking stylish can always be part of the fun. Dressing up or dressing down is great as long as you feel comfortable in your fav outfit!

Grab Some inspo from HelloGiggles' fun and fashionable looks here:



Beat the Seasonal Stress


While Thanksgiving is a time of joy and coming together with friends and family, it can often cause stress for many people. Here are some tips if you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed this holiday season:

  • Remind yourself that you don't have to be perfect in hosting Thanksgiving dinner, as long as you're surrounded by good people!

  • Take time to yourself to relax and keep up the self-care routine in order to avoid burnout!

  • Keep up the holiday traditions that made you happy as a kid like watching the Thanksgiving parade or baking pies as a family!

  • Ask for help in holiday preparations if you feel overwhelmed.

  • Reach out if feeling stressed, overworked, or tired because the holiday season is a time for celebration and love!



Happy Thanksgiving,

Catch Ya Next Week She Academy Fam!

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