The Girls

Mon- THUR. 3-6pm!

Our after-school program is the perfect spot to reflect, relax, do your homework, and have fun after school! You can meet a group of empowering girls and share your goals, journal, reflect, play games and have some personal time too! The after-school program combines the most important aspects of a happy, successful, and positive mindset. We enjoy the program in three parts- the power hour, social hour, and woosah hour!


Join us for a fun and productive environment where you can let loose and be yourself! 

We welcome ALL teenage girls of every background!

Learn how you will spend your time!

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Social hour

An hour dedicated to your choice of social activities! Join us for games, snacks, chit-chat, and more! This hour is all about fun and socializing with your friends. 

Power Hour

Power hour is all about setting and achieving your personal goals, practicing mindfulness, and getting your homework done! Work with your mentors to set goals or take this time to journal and reflect.  


Relaxation, stretching and calmness will be the perfect ending to the day. Stretch, meditate or just reflect on your day, goals, or anything to clear your mind as you prepare to leave for the day!



Enroll to become a part of all the fun, make friends and achieve your goals all while working closely with empowering mentors!

Ladies in grades 7-11

Located at 

She Academy Inc.

1637 Metropolitan Blvd Suite A-2

Tallahassee, FL, 32308

Program Rates

Daily: $20

Weekly: $80

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You can DONATE to our program needs through our Walmart registry:

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Teen Sponsorship Opportunities

Your donation will help to sponsor a teen with tuition fees for one semester, program field trips, program pizza parties and more!

We want ALL girls to have a home here, so if you would like to sponsor a teen's membership to The Girl's Room, click here:

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