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The Girls

Tue & Thur 2:30-6pm!

She Academy is the HOME OF THE BOSS BABES!! 

Are you looking for a supportive village to hold your teen accountable as SHE becomes the best version of herself?

The after-school program is for HER!


Boss Babe instructors join us on Tuesday's for Educational Workshops

 and Thursday's for Group Mentoring and Tutoring. 


Register your teen to nurture her

social, emotional, and mental wellness.


We welcome ALL teenage girls of every background!

  • Interactive Learning

  • Goal Setting

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Vocational learning 

  • Intentional Conversations

  • Empowering Discussions

  • Homework Help

  • Group Mentoring

  • Life Skills

  • Personal Development


Social hour
2:30-4 pm

An hour dedicated to your choice of social activities! Join us for games, snacks, chit-chat, and more! This hour is all about fun, socializing with your friends, and getting your homework done. 

Boss Babe Convos
4-4:30 pm

Boss Babe Convos is all about setting and achieving your personal goals, practicing mindfulness, and learning a new skill! Vocational learning happens weekly!

Boss Babe Instruction

Time to learn from our Boss Babe Instructor, mentors, and tutors of the day! This instruction promotes social, emotional, and mental wellness. Some activities include educational workshops, hands on activities, field trips, and more. 


Program Rates

Daily: $20

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 2_edited.png

Enroll to become a part of all the fun, make friends and achieve your goals all while working closely with empowering mentors!

Ladies in grades 8-11

Located at 

She Academy Inc.

1637 Metropolitan Blvd Suite A-2

Tallahassee, FL, 32308

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"It's giving Boss Babe"

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