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How can we Celebrate Gratitude?

November is often known as a month of giving as we approach Thanksgiving and reflect on what we are thankful for. Let's talk about how we can show, express, and share gratitude to ourselves and others around us!


What is Gratitude?


Gratitude is expressing thankfulness, showing appreciation, and returning the kindness to those that you're most thankful for! We can also be thankful and kind to ourselves when we what to show gratitude. Being thankful can look different for everyone and can be shown in many different ways!

Gratitude not only extends to those around you but, being your strongest advocate means you should be grateful and extra kind to yourself just as much as others!



How to Show Gratitude to Others

  • Random acts of kindness- You can make a friend's, family member's, or anyone's day simply by surprising them with an act of kindness. Flowers, small gifts, letters, or as simple as a sweet phone call or text to show you care are all random acts of kindness that will leave the person you're thankful for feeling happy and smiling!

  • Help those around you- Make someone's day and show them you care by lending a helping hand. Try helping your mom with the dishes to show her how thankful you are for dinner, help your grandparents at the grocery store, or help a friend when they are struggling. Lending a helping hand can show just how thankful you are without even telling them.

  • Be a shoulder to lean on- A great way to show gratitude can be through listening and caring about those around you. Being an active listener and truly being present for those around you can show them just how much you care about them as a person.

  • Words of Kindness- Spreading kind and loving words is another simple and effective way to show gratitude to others. Sometimes we forget how much words can affect our daily lives, so adding positive words into a friend's day can show them how much they mean to you!

Showing Gratitude to Yourself

  • Consider a gratitude journal- Gratitude journals are a great way to show thankfulness to yourself by guiding you through easy and meaningful gratitude practices. Think about buying or making your own gratitude journal this month and give back to yourself.

  • Treat Yourself- Take this time of gratitude and appreciation to treat yourself to something special. Whether that's treating yourself to something you've been wanting, giving yourself extra self-care and extra love. Whatever makes you happy, give yourself a little extra of that to show yourself some gratitude!

  • Write a list of all your great qualities- What better way to show yourself gratitude than to celebrate YOU?! Being grateful for your own great qualities and taking note of these qualities will help you remember just how great you are and how much you have to be thankful for.

  • Write a letter to yourself- Consider this a love letter to yourself. Write yourself a heartfelt love letter filled with all the things you're grateful for about yourself. Self gratitude is essential to appreciating who you are and what you do each day, so make sure you mention all the things you love about yourself big or small!

Gratitude & Mindfulness


What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a practice that involves being aware of your feelings and acknowledging both positive and negative feelings.

Gratitude and mindfulness go hand and hand in recognizing what, who and why we are thankful! Your mission this month can include practicing extra mindfulness in regard to gratitude. Think about what you are thankful for and how you can show this gratitude.

Think about everything you can appreciate in your life and the things that fill your life with joy and give them extra attention this month!



Catch Ya Next Week She Academy Fam!

Stay Thankful!

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