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Halloween Happiness!

Get Into the Halloween Spirit With She Academy- Costume Ideas, Movie Recommendations, and More!


Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner, so we have you covered on all things Halloween whether that be movies, costumes, or festive decorations to get you in the spooky spirit!

Let's Talk Movies- Here are some of She Academy's favorite Haloween movies that we have on repeat every year! Some of us like to stick to the classics of the non-scary movies that we grew up on, while others enjoy a good fright, so take a look at some of our favs below!

Fav Halloween Movies

for the whole fam


  • Halloween Town (1998) is a Disney classic that many of us enjoy every year! With four different movies to choose from the Halloween Town series is a staple for getting into the spirit of spooky season!

  • Casper (1995) will provide you with all the nostalgic spooky feels as the friendly ghost will get you in the spirit and is a classic for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Hocus Pocus (1993) "Double double toil and trouble," the Sanderson sisters are the perfect witches to get the Halloween vibes flowing!

Scary/ Spooky Movies


  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)- If you are ready for a scare check out the Nightmare on Elm Street Series, which will truly meet any horror movie fans Halloween needs! This is definitely a horror film so horror bu

  • Halloween (1978)- Freddy Krueger is a well-known name around Halloween time as this horror film series has had a huge following since the 70s! Prepare to be scared and maybe even jump a couple of times while watching any of these Halloween series films or try watching with a friend!

  • The Shining (1980)- This is a creepy film with the infamous evil twins and haunted hotel that will surely have you in the Halloween feels by the end of it! This movie is filled with strange characters and scary scenes so if you are a scary movie fan this might be the film for you.



Halloween Costume Inspiration


Halloween Costumes are fun for all ages! If you need some last-minute costume ideas we have you covered. Maybe you are interested in trying out your hand in the D.I.Y department or Amazon might be your BFF when it comes to speedy costume shipping! Here are some quick and easy costume ideas for you!

  1. Princess- This is a versatile look as you can be your fav princess and dress it up or down. You can grab your favorite dress and add a tiara or go full out with princess apparel that you find online or at the Halloween store. Princess costumes can be done as a group, family, or an individual costume too!

  2. Mummy- The mummy is a classic look and easily done too as you can wear a white top and skirt with any kind of wrap around you to create the mummy effect!

  3. Doctor/ Nurse- Grab your stethoscope and some scrubs or a white dress and you have a simple and affordable Halloween costume that will make you feel ready to take on Halloween night!

  4. The Classic Pumpkin- While this may sound basic, this is a simple option for those who would prefer to wear a casual pumpkin t-shirt, or dress this option up by adding an orange dress and green headband!

  5. Vampire- This option is one of my favorite last-minute options as it is as simple as wearing your favorite black outfit, grabbing some vampire teeth, and adding some fake blood to complete the look!



Catch Ya Next Week!

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