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Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is She Academy?

        She Academy is a 501(c)(3) organization developed to support and empower teenage girls during their journey to young                adulthood in the Leon County area with trained adult volunteers (mentors) in one on one relationships.

 2. When was SHE ACADEMY founded?

       She Academy became a legal non profit organization effective April 10, 2019 under the laws of the State of Florida.

 3. What is the mission for She Academy?

       To support and empower teenage girls through activities that promote enhanced life skills during their transition to                           young adulthood.

 4. Can you tell me more about the leadership roles at She Academy?

       She Academy has a talented staff of mentors and volunteers who dedicate their time to help increase the engagement of                 people to help execute our vision. Please see below for a list of our leaders at She Academy:

  • Volunteer Coordinator- Lakia Brown

  • Bookkeeper- Sharifa Hatten

  • Graphic Designer- Kevin Rauls

  • Marketing Manager- Drew Sheals

  • Event/Project Coordinator-John Auber


 5. Can I support She Academy financially?

     Yes! We accept cash donations as well as check and mobile contributions.  All cash donations can be made at anytime,                 preferably during fundraising events. All checks can be made out to She Academy Inc. We are on cashapp, our cashapp               tag is $sheacademyinc


 6. How does your organization receive funding?

     Our sources of funding include donations, fundraisers and sponsorships.

 7. Where are you located?

    We are located in Tallahassee, FL. The office address is not available for listing. All mailing packages can be shipped to                our P.O Box 5405 Tallahassee, FL 32314.

 8. Who are the board of directors?

  •  President/Founder- Shaqualyn Shedrick

  •  Vice President 1- Cherralyn Romer

  •  Vice President 2- Brenda Washington

  •  Treasurer- James Washington

  •  Secretary- Kevin Rauls

9. What educational services do you offer?

     As we help to prepare teen girls in their transition to young adulthood we offer courses on financial literacy, health and                   beauty, mental health, physical health, college exploration and culture to increase awareness, prevention, and healing.


10. Who provides these services?

      We have volunteers from the three colleges in Tallahassee: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida State                  University and Tallahassee Community College. Our volunteers have degrees and experience in the fields of Criminal Justice,            Social Work, Allied Health, Business and Industry and Pharmaceutical Science. We also have representatives from the local            banks, health clinics, churches, and state government agencies to help in providing these services.

11. What is your community involvement?

     Our staff, mentors, mentees and volunteers take action in giving back to the community through service and at local                         events. Please see below for a list of the events and organizations that we have dedicated our time to:

  • Miracle Hill Nursing Home, Tallahassee, FL

  • Feed the Community Initiative, She Academy, Tallahassee, FL

  • Striking for Success, Life Church, Tallahassee FL

  • Breast Cancer Walk, American Cancer Society-Leon County

  • Volunteer with STEMS 4 Girls, Tallahassee, FL

  • Fall Preview, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

  • Homecoming Parade, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University


​12. Are there requirements to become a mentee?

     Yes, mentees must:

  • Be at least 14 and no older than 18 years of age

  • Be enrolled in school

  • Commit to spending at least 5 hours a month with their mentor and attend community service projects.

13. How are the mentees selected?

     We have mentors that have been cleared through the Leon County School Board to help identify students interested in                     having a mentor. We recruit students directly in high school classrooms and through interactive community                                     engagements; and some students are referred to us by students in our program. Applications can be found on our                           website

​14. Are there requirements to become a mentor?

     Yes, mentors must:

  • Be at least 25 years of age

  • Have earned a high school diploma

  • Commit to spending at least 5 hours a month with their mentor and attend community service projects.

15. How are the mentors selected?

     She Academy recruits mentors from businesses, colleges, community organizations, local and federal government                           agencies and other interested groups. We also gain many volunteers through the recommendation of someone who has                 already been a volunteer in our program. Applications can be found on our website


EMAIL: for more info on how to get involved 







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