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Summer Program
June 2023


She's the Boss
April 2023

_She’s the BOSS (official) (2).png

She's the Boss is a scholarship fundraiser and community luncheon hosted during our founder's week to recognize community Boss Babes for their impactful work in Tallahassee. Join us as we fundraise to provide scholarships for our youth.

Open House
Fish Fry  & Bake Sale February 2023

Spring Open House (23) (1).png

The Board of Director's hosted a fish fry and bake sale fundraiser during our spring open house. Join us as we continue our fundraising efforts to further our mission of impact!

Christmas Toy Drive
December 2022

Christmas toy drive 22.png

This toy drive is an extension of SHE GIVES. Join us in the season of giving as we prepare to donate toys to the students of Bond Elementary for the holidays!

She Gives
December 2022

She Gives 22.jpg

SHE GIVES is a donation drive of gently used household items for a local organization in Tallahassee. Join us in the season of giving as we prepare to support the young mothers and families of Making Miracles Group Home.  


The Thanksgiving Drive-Thru is a food distribution for the residents of the Tallahassee community.  We have partnered with CCYS to host the CCYS Holiday Meal Drive-Thru and Going Places Open House.

Lunch N' Learn
September 2022

Lunch N' Learn Flier.png

Lunch n Learn is a career development luncheon for students in grades 8-12 hosted by She Academy Inc., the DeBoles-Johnson Foundation, Inc., and the Rickards AVID Program. 

Thanksgiving Drive-Thru
November 2022

Metamorphosis Bootcamp.png

The metamorphosis summer boot camp program is an engaging, hands-on program that values teen's success in adjusting to a new grade level or even a new school.  Participants will meet, interview, and gain hands-on experience from female business owners in eight different, local industries.

She's Evolving
April 2022


She's Evolving is a scholarship fundraiser and luncheon hosted during our Founder's Week, April 10th - April 16h. The luncheon is to recognize community leaders for their groundbreaking work in Tallahassee, to remind our girls that the possibilities are endless.

The Blondie G Spelling Bee
March 2022


The Blondie Bee Spelling Bee is a spelling bee competition open for all students of all grades, male and female. The top three candidates will win cash prizes thanks to our sponsors!


She Did It
February 2022

SHE DID IT is a virtual seminar outlining the evolution of entrepreneurs throughout Black History. This presentation will cover some of the greatest strengths, creations, struggles, and momentums of their process.

Boss Babe Bootcamp
June 2022

She Don't Play 
January 2022

Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 9.26.43 PM.png

Dedicated to promote safety in its entirety, we were joined by the women of the Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff's Office, She Don't Play, taught us the value in protecting ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. We learned valuable tips on safety and self defense.

She Gives
December 2021

SHE Gives Flyer.png

SHE gives is an opportunity to give back to She Academy and the community by donating any gently used coats and toys to someone in need of these items. Swing by the office Dec. 1- Dec. 14 from 8am- 6pm to drop these items off.

She Can
October 2021

SHE Can Flyer.png

SHE CAN is our canned food drive where you can participate by donating dry foods such as boxed food, cans, fruits, etc. in order to help in feeding families during Thanksgiving Season. You can drop these items off at our office space to participate in our 2nd annual SHE CAN! 

Ribbon Cutting

September 2021

We have opened our first physical location where teens and their parents can join us in person for fun and fellowship. Most program and events will happen here, 1637 Metropolitan Blvd Suite A-2. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate this important day!

Operation P.Y.P.
September 2021

Operation P.Y.P. Flyer (2).png

In light of suicide awareness week, we are leading a zoom conversation on protecting your peace. Learn tips and tricks on how to better your own mental health with the guidance of our guest speakers!

Back to School Drive
July 2021

Back to school Drive.png

She Academy is dedicated to uplifting and empowering the community through our Community Outreach Program.  She Academy will be giving away 100 free backpacks and more at the Back to School Drive to ensure the youth are prepared for the upcoming school year.  

What the Health
July 2021

ZUMBA Flyer.png

What the health is a Zumba fitness class hosted by our staff to promote a positive outlook on physical health.

The Sandra Jean Project
June 2021


The Sandra Jean Project was created to spread love to those in need. Ms. Quay and her family delivered over 100 care bags to patients at the Miami Chemotherapy Institute of South Baptist Hospital and the Coral Reef Nursing and Rehabilitation center.

Intro to College 101
June 2021

Intro to College 101 Flyer-2.png

This college prep course covers the process for applying to college (the admission process, ACT/SAT testing-scores, FAFSA, scholarships, transcripts, and more). #collegreadines

She Is
April 2021

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 2.18.06 PM.png

SHE Is, is an annual self-empowerment symposium for everyone! This event is filled with motivation. Food, giveaways, speakers, and a good time with your She Academy Family!

Power of HERstory
February 2021

Power of HERstory Flyer 1-2.png

Power of HERstory is a virtual seminar to help young women see themselves in the footsteps of successful women & historical Black female powerhouses.

She Don't Play
January 2021

She Don't Play -3.jpg

She Don't Play was a gun safety and training that addressed proper gun handling and training to help alleviate some of the uncertainties we face in the world. 

She Stops Traffick
January 2021

Human Trafficking Event-4.png

She Stops Traffick addresses the vulnerabilities surrounding human trafficking around the United States.

Youth Coat & Toy Drive
December 2020


She Academy partnered with the community of Leon County to collect coats and toys for children and youth in the Tallahassee area.

Youth Coat & Toy Drive
December 2020

She Academy delivered over 200 items to Miracle Years Child Care Center! 50 coats, lots of toddler clothing, and toys for the kids. 

She Can
November 2020

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 8.16.31 AM.png

Our mission to fight hunger in our community, connects our supporters to the food pantry at Good News Outreach. Our members & supporters joined us in the act of giving to other non-profit organizations & fighting the constant battles of hunger.

Operation S.A.V.E
September 2020

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 8.23.38 AM.png

This virtual seminar addresses mental health concerns for all generations. This event promotes the importance during Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month.

Personal Statement Bootcamp September 2020

Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 8.31.16 AM.png

Students received helpful tips on formatting, key points, and preparation on their Personal Statements for college applications. #collegereadiness

Intro To College 101
August 2020


This college prep course covers the process for applying to college (the admission process, ACT/SAT testing-scores, FAFSA, scholarships, transcripts, and more.) #collegreadiness

She Is
February 2020

SHE Is, is an annual self-empowerment symposium for everyone! This event is filled with motivation. Food, giveaways, speakers, and a good time with your She Academy Family!

Tour of Famu Archives
October 2019


This tour of the Black Archives on FAMU's Campus exposed our youth to the University's history and culture.

Famu Homecoming Parade October 2019


Florida A&M University's Homecoming parade is a time for our staff, associates, families, and supporters to join in fellowship & unity. Our favorite time of the year to spread awareness of our mission.

Feed The Community
June 2019


This community outreach activity is a humbling experience for our youth & members. Mentors work closely with the youth to prepare for our outreach activities to feed the members of our community. 

Financial Literacy
June 2019


Our financial literacy program teaches the youth about money management, better money habits, and dives into the strategies of budgeting and saving. 

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