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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Many of us are motivated by people we'll never meet, places we don't prepare to travel , and things that serve us no real value. Do you know where your influence comes from? Who is the biggest influence of your self-esteem? Who helps to encourage you? Where does self-esteem begin? Do you surround yourself with people that encourage and compliment you? Who is your biggest teaching influence? 🤔🤔🤔 Is it YOUrself, YOUr mentor, YOURr school, YOUr community, or social media?? Think about it...

Have you ever thought to understand why you're allowing things to influence you?

Mentor, Shaqualyn Shedrick (Ms. Quay) visits a science class at James S. Rickards High School in Tallahassee to introduce a conversation starter,


With the help of Mr. McBride she engages the student(s) attention and they have a growing conversation about the many ways they can be influenced by themselves, their mentor, their school, and their community. In the video below you will learn the objective and take a look at how she prepared this interactive conversation starter.


1. Create a list of topics/questions you wish to discuss & prepare your board with the 4 major influences. (Prepare before your classroom visit)

2. Place the questions in a bag or jar & allow each student to choose their own question.

3. Call on a number/ participant to begin the conversation, let it flow.

4. As that conversation ends, welcome the participant to place their topic/question under the category they feel has the most influence.

5. Carry on to the next and ENJOY!

Hit play on PT. 1 of the video below as Ms. Quay explains how she prepared for the conversation starter.

Search YouTube for:

WHO IS MY BIGGEST INFLUENCE??? Presented by SHE ACADEMY INC & Students at Rickards High School. PT1

OBJECTIVE: The participants in this exercise will select a question from the floating bag or jar. Ms. Quay will call on a number and the student with that number will read out the question and start a conversation on that topic. Once the group has finished discussing the topic, the participant that pulled the question will place it under 1 of the four influence groups (Myself, My School, My Mentor, My Community). This will continue until the end of the scheduled meeting time.

Press play on the video below for the interactive conversation with the student(s) of Mr. McBride's fifth period class. ENJOY!!!!

WHO IS MY BIGGEST INFLUENCE??? Presented by SHE ACADEMY INC & Students at Rickards High School. PT2

This exercise created endless conversations, both in and out of the classroom. Our staff was encouraged to plan a series of engagement activities around Tallahassee to keep the students and community members engaged in learning. We learned that the teens of Tallahassee have a lot to say, especially when you encourage them in a safe environment.

Be on the lookout for more details and testimonials on this topic. If you decide to experiment with this conversation starter or add your own twist to it feel free to tag us in your videos or include the hashtag #sheacademyinfluence in your description. I hope you were motivated to engage in conversations with your peers!!! A good dialogue never goes out of style! Stay tuned for our next exercise and continue to give back to your community!

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